Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Knees


Yoga is one such form of exercise that can be done to strengthen specific parts of your body to treat specific ailments without causing stress to other areas if done in a structured way. You have the perfect yoga poses to enhance the strength of the knees. It is essential that you perform the poses mindfully which, will help the knees stay in the best of condition and now you can run and move better in life. In case, there is a knee injury there are yoga poses to help the injury get healed in time and make you feel fit and strong.

  • The Bound Angle Pose – You can start with the Bound Angle Pose. This is known as Baddha Konasana. The Yoga pose acts like the hip opener. The bound angle pose counteracts chair and it acts around the cardio crunched hips. Once you practice the pose on regular basis you feel the relief around the hip and the knee areas.
  • Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose – In this pose you have the extended hand to the big toe pose. The same is also known as Utthita Hasta Padangustasana. Here you have to bring the knee close to the belly area. You should make the left arm reach the area of the thigh and it should be well crossed to touch the first angle. Now, you should hold the outside area of the left foot. In case the hamstrings are tight your knee can feel the strength and after some days of practicing you can well feel the difference.
  • Garland Pose – The garland pose in local term is known as Malasana. This pose will specifically help in stretching the ankles and it also provides relief to the ankles and the groin area and in doing so strengthens your knees in the process. It is the best pose for the knee and the back. At the time of practicing if the heels are not touching the floor you can make them rest on the folded blanket. This is the perfect pose to help the knees gain in perfect strength.
  • Half Frog Pose – The half frog pose is even known as the Ardha Bhekasana. This pose is better than the backbend and it helps in opening up the shoulders and the chest area. It is the perfect pose to help stretch the knees and the thighs are also stretched similarly. With the regular practice of the pose you can run, move and stand for a stretched period of time.
  • Hero Pose – Also known as Virasana. This is the right remedy for tired knees and legs. At the end of the day when you don’t feel like walking or doing anything you can take to the hero pose to bring back life to the legs. Regular practice of the same will help strengthening the knees. This is the right alternative to the Lotus pose for seated meditation.
  • Lion Pose – The knees remain in great health with the lion pose or Simhasana. For this you have to blow off some steam and then make your face wake up nicely. This is the lightening up pose and it helps the knee become active and strong. Once you start practising the pose you can feel the difference in the shortest time span.
  • Noose Pose – You have the noose pose and you can even call the same as Pasasana. In this pose the arms are wrapped around and after the legs are squatted the hands would be clasped at the back. This helps in forming the noose pose. You can practice the same and provide the relief to the knees.
  • Scale Pose – The scale pose or the Tolasana is highly beneficial to strengthen the wrists and even the abs. You have to hang your body by giving all the strength to the wrists. This way you can provide the best relief to the knees. It is a great solution to help the lower part of the body stay active all through the day.
  • Standing Forward Bend – You have the standing forward bend and this is the Uttanasana. This is a wake up asana for the hamstrings and the same can provide the right calmness to the mind. This is the perfect asana for the knee. This is right way you can make the legs stay active throughout the day.
  • Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend – The wide angle seated forward bend is another great pose for the knees and the legs. People know the pose as Upavistha Konasana. This is a good preparation for the knees and once you start practising you can feel the knee area active and relaxed. This pose is a good alternative to the seated forward bends, twists and the wide leg standing pose.

These are some of the best relaxing poses for the knee. You can start practising them on regular basis. In time this will help not only in strengthening the knee area but will help you stand strong on the ground.

Written by Momita Ray


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