Traditional Indian Herb Punarnava And Its Medicinal Importance


PunarnavaDoes the name of Punarnava or hog weed herb sound familiar? It is one of the important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. In general, herbs are said to be rich in medicinal values and help in curing various ailments in the body. Thus, herbs are considered as assets in Ayurveda. These plants are said to be authentic and helps you in having a well-built body. Punarnava is one such herb that does miracles. Punarnava is most commonly said to be as a healer in Ayurvedic terms. In order to understand its importance, we will have a look at the medicinal properties of Punarnava and what amazing benefits it can do to our body.

Significance of Punarnava

The name Punarnava aptly speaks out the benefits it does to a body. If we split this term, we get two halves where “Punar” stands for once again and “nava” stands for new. Making yourself becoming new is the speciality of this traditional herb. Since this plant grows low, it is also rightly called as spiderlings. Starting from urinary tract infection to cancer, this plant can help people in greater extent. You should know the fact that this Ayurvedic herb is called by the name Boerhaavia diffusa. It is a green leaf that acts as a natural healer. It is generally pungent in nature and produce beautiful pink and white coloured flowers during the rainy season.

Punarnava – Medicinal Importance

Now that we have gathered some of the important information on this little herb, it is now time to think and understand the excellent benefits, this small plant can bring into our life. Though it is astringent in taste and sometimes gives a combination of bitter and sweet taste, it is known to produce amazing results in Ayurveda.

Punarnava for Liver

The foremost benefit of Punarnava is treating the liver diseases. It is famously called as a liver tonic by many people that are safe and powerful to use. It also helps in curing any problem related to kidney. Thus, it helps in the detoxification of liver and kidney to a greater extent.

Punarnava for Skin

One of the main advantages of Ayurvedic leaves and plants is, it not only cures internal problems but also increases external beauty. In that way, this little herb acts as an excellent remedy for skin related problems. It treats any kind of skin ailments. It also helps in curing pimples and dark spots. It adds a glow to your skin that looks beautiful and elegant.

Punarnava for Asthma

The powder of Punarnava is helpful in treating asthma. There are a number of people who are suffering from asthma. When using this medicinal herb for asthma, it produces better result within a few days. By cleaning the bronchial tubes, it does a great job in keeping your body parts clean and disease free.

Punarnava for Cough

Another important health problem that many children and youngster face is the problem of cough and cold. Cough and cold is not something that is minor. It should be treated properly or else leads to high side effects. When taking Punarnava in a continuous manner, it helps in reducing the symptoms and disease of cough and cold in your body.

Punarnava for Weight Loss

Are you suffering from obesity? Then, Punarnava is an excellent choice of herb in Ayurveda for reducing body fat. This perennial herb is rich in medicinal properties that treat obesity in an effective manner. This has also been proven scientifically.

Punarnava for Urinary Tract Infection

By controlling bladder for a longer time, there are a number of people who suffer from urinary tract infection. This herb helps in toning the urine tract and gets rid of any diseases that can arise out of it. Urinary Tract Infection, also called as UTI is very much common in pregnancy. Both men and women can intake, this herb for quicker relief after consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Thus, it is no doubt that this herb gives plenty of benefit to humans. Apart from treating the above diseases, it also helps in enhancing the functioning of the lungs, joint problem, arthritis and inflammation. You can use this herb either as a powder, capsule, paste or juice.

Written by Momita Ray


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