Top 10 Healing Herbs for Healthy Hair


Healthy hair indicates good health and proper body functioning. Women spend hours in beauty parlours to have gorgeous hair. Men too style their hair for that “macho” look. One can try out healing herbs for healthy hair for lustrous hair.
People do suffer from baldness, early graying, or loss of hair, receding hairline, thinning of one’s hair and so forth.

What are the causes for hair loss?
  • Regular usage of dye
  • Straightening of hair
  • Harmful chemicals present in various treatments
  • Improper diet
  • Lack of proper hair care
  • Thyroid malfunctioning
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medications
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Stress
  • Anemia
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic issues
  • Alopecia

Stimulating hair-growth is done in beauty parlours, by using medications or other hair growth stimulants. Nevertheless, these techniques may not result in expected growth or may turn out to be very expensive. They may have side-effects. Ayurveda is popular, so why not try out healing herbs for healthy hair?
Worthwhile healing herbs for healthy hair

  1. Stinging Nettle:This contains several essential ingredients that promote hair growth. It is found in plenty in North America and is also known as Urtica Diocia. It aids the prevention of the testosterone hormone conversions into dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss. One can have Stinging Nettle in the form of regular pills. This can be used as hair oil as well
  2. How to use Stinging Nettle?

    • Place Stinging Nettle leaves in a regular jar that contains olive oil for about say 3 weeks. Tightly seal the jar
    • Keep the sealed jar in a cool place for a period of three weeks. Do not expose it to direct sunlight
    • After a period of 3 weeks, one can apply the home made oil on one’s scalp regularly for results
    • One can see the results as hair will start growing
  3. Peppermint: This popular herbal form of treatment has been in use for generations to treat loss of hair and to improve hair growth among human beings. It strengthens the hair follicles which in turn promotes hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp.
  4. Rosemary:This is very effective in preventing balding. Rosemary is certainly more effective, if one uses it with olive oil to promote hair growth. Why so?
    • Mix Rosemary and olive oil and use it regularly to prevent premature greying of hair
    • It is also good for dry scalp and cures flakiness
    • The hair follicles get nourished and hairs get strengthened on one’s scalp from the shaft onwards
  5. Aloe Vera:This is another herb among healing herbs for healthy hair that is very effective in preventing hair loss. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.
    Method one must adopt in applying Aloe Vera:

    • Regular application of Aloe Vera maintains the ph balance in the hair.
    • It is beneficial when mixed with coconut oil.
    • It opens up the pores of the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.
  6. Amla: This Indian gooseberry has plenty of anti-oxidants as well as Vitamin C essential to produce collagen. Increased collagen means better hair growth. One can mix amla with coconut oil or other kinds of moisturiser and apply it on the scalp for better hair growth and preventing premature greying of hair
  7. Basil: Basil contains a lot of magnesium, an essential mineral for various functions of the body system
  8. Burdock Root:It has a lot of medicinal value and is useful as anti-inflammatory and for scalp treatment. It is rich in fatty acids. If this root is used with herbs like Rosemary, the hair strands become strong
  9. Bhringraj: This is also referred to as maka, Bhringraj or eclipta alba. One has to use its powder to treat the scalp as it promotes hair growth.
  10. Fenugreek: This is full of vitamins and stimulates one’s hair growth, keeping the scalp well-groomed. Soak some Fenugreek seeds in some water overnight. Then grind these soaked seeds into a paste and apply it on the scalp directly or mix it with yoghurt to have the benefit of lactic acid, which happens to be an alpha-hydroxy exfoliant. Let the mix remain for about 30 minutes, then, wash off the scalp
  11. Calendula: Calendula flowers, also known as marigolds, contain a lot of minerals as well as anti-oxidants. The hairs strands become strong. Apply it with moisturising oils for better blood circulation in the scalp
  12. Healing herbs for healthy hair are indeed worth a try for beautiful hair.

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