Strengthening Agni According To Ayurveda

Thriving On The Vedas – Agni And Its Immeasurable Positives

Before delving into the Benefits of Agni (digestion and metabolism) in communion with Yoga, you need to understand it presages a certain backdrop. Each human is unique, which is precisely upheld by toxicology experts around the world. The field addresses a precedent, which states that cleansing is very complex and necessitates extensive diagnostic processes. Every healthcare professional agree that the perfect duration and type of exercise and support both your body and mind, and rinse it by amplifying metabolism. It is a pertinent fact that Yoga is more than mere exercise. Its identical aspects with exercise provide credence to its supportive and strong cleansing base or modality within the periphery of the scientific world.

The Fundamental Aspects

Before knowing what Agni is, you need to assess the basic proportion between Yoga and cleansing the body through its myriad techniques. The Ayurvedic premise of cleansing implies the ignition of the digestive force and fire called Agni. In fact, Agni is known to help people explore their consciousness about planetary and personal awakening. Interestingly, people who have tried various other forms of yoga find the Agni to be the easiest and most beneficial. You will have a complete healing of the body along with meditation. It is important to know that it is through a balanced Agni that the human body is able to remove mental, emotional and physical toxicity and stress. You can locate and thwart toxins by awakening and emboldening the light of intelligence present in your body. This might sound bizarre to some, but the fact is when you are exposed to the Yoga philosophy, human anatomy and auxiliary aspects, you will discern the various methods of Ayurveda for cleansing your body and supporting the core physical ‘asanas’ along with, the practice of meditation.

Poses To Cleanse

Considering the multi-faceted gamut of Yoga, experts around the world have closed in on five particular poses for cleansing, which help in awakening your digestive fire, that is, Agni. Variation of Gate Pose initiates your again infusing and creating core strength and balance.
The Plank Pose works on the same aspects of inner strength and balance, but on a higher level. You need to allow the hips to fall in line your shoulders rather than putting them below the shoulder line. The Revolve Supine Twist is a great way to percolate your internal organs and keep them strong and active. The Tree Pose is a great way to centralize your inner energy and make way for its ultimate harness.

The Importance Of Agni

Since the body is the offshoot of food, disease is also the resultant effect of bad food. The main distinction between disease and ease thrives on the account of complete nutrition or the paucity of it respectively. Agni contains an identical linguistic root. The intrinsic qualities include light, dryness, sharpness, luminosity, penetration and transformation. The core functions or Benefits of Agni are assimilation, absorption, digestion, metabolism, taste, vitality, hearing, touch, alertness, combustion, clarity and regular appetite.

Going Into Details

Agni gives you immunity or ‘ojas’. It provides a sparkle or radiance in the eyes along with a luster or glee to your skin. In balance, it encourages courage, lucidity, positivity, intelligence and cheerfulness. If the balance goes haywire, it promotes fear, negativity, confusion, anger and depression. Under the realm of Ayurveda, Agni can be classified in four types. They are subject to particular constitutional precedents and tendencies. These are Visham agni, Tikshna Agni, Mandagni and Samagni. There are definite Yoga practices that strengthen the digestive fire. Generally, every forward bend, twist and posture that generates physical pressure on your abdomen enhances the digestive system. You need to remember that relaxation entails an extremely therapeutic impact in this regard because digestion works in the most wholesome manner when you are calm and your nervous system (parasympathetic) remains predominant. When people are alert, active and busy, and the concerned nervous system is functioning in tandem, your digestion can actually stop.

Things To Remember

Now that you know what is agni, you need to be careful if you have low or high blood pressure, cardiac problems along with stimulating, digestive postures. The Agnisara Kriya helps in increasing your digestive fire circulation and practice. It is an effective and simple practice, which clears gas, low fire and constipation. It also messages your digestive organs and stimulates the appetite. Abdominal Churning or Nauli is another substantial practice, which is a bit tough and extremely significant as far as stimulating your digestive system and cleansing the intestines are concerned. It remains the most effective and powerful practice. Your pancreas, liver, stomach, large and small intestines get a stupendous massage, which encourage them to regulate and activate their functions. The Spinal Twist (half pose), Hamsasana or the Peacock pose and the acclaimed breathing practice of Pranayama are other means. Combining regular Yoga and simple techniques of Ayurveda can help in treating every digestive problem.

Written by Momita Ray


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