Rasayana Chikitsa – Ayurveda’s Rejuvenation And Anti-Ageing Therapy


RasayanikRasayana chikitsa also referred as Rejuvenation or Geriatric treatment. It is a treatment or a course where certain ayurvedic drugs/herbs are given for a long duration for rejuvenation, longevity of life, boosting immunity and also to prevent and cure diseases. Hence rasayana chikitsa shastra has been included in ashtangas (8 divisions) of Ayurveda i.e. eight branches of Ayurveda.

  • Kaya chikitsa (General medicine)
  • Bala chikitsa (Paediatrics)
  • Graha chikitsa (Psychology)
  • Shalya chikitsa (Surgery)
  • Shalakya chikitsa (Ophthalmology)
  • Agada chikitsa (Toxicology)
  • Jara (rasayana) chikitsa (Geriatrics)
  • Vrishya chikitsa (Aphrodisiacs)

Ayurveda has always aimed for
“swasthasya swaasth rakshanam
Aaturasya roga prashamanam”
Ayurveda aims at maintaining the health of a healthy person and curing the disease of a diseased person. This health can be achieved by Ayurveds “rasayana chikitsa” which rejuvenates the body cells, boosts immunity, and increases the lifespan, thus preventing diseases.

What Rasayana is?

Rasayana means “Rasa” plus “Ayana”. Rasa, here means the liquid which provides nourishment to the body tissues and ayan means the flow or circulation. Rasayana is a herbal or herbo-mineral preparation that nourishes our body and acts as anti-ageing as it keeps us healthy both physically as well as mentally by providing longevity and youthfulness. It hold the properties like, antioxidant, anti-stress, increases agni (digestive fire) improves micro circulation, thereby making you look younger and healthier.

Age Criteria for Rasayana Consumption

Rasayan can be given between age group of 16 – 90 yr. In the classics it is mentioned that rasayana should be given after the Panchakarma therapy or mild purification (only if necessary) to avail maximum benefits.
In kids aged between 0- 16, rasayana therapy is not follow instead an unique, authentic preparation called Swarna Prashana is given for increasing immunity, concentration, memory power and prevent illness.

Necessity of Rasayana in the Present Era

Rasayana chikitsa is inevitably essential in the present scenario as the food what we eat are highly adulterated and hybridised that it is merely impossible to get the vital nutrition. Our lives have become so mechanical and hectic that we don’t get ample of time to exercise, eating food at regular timings and intervals. The environment too has become polluted leading to various allergies and health hazards. This kind of irresponsible behaviour towards life has led to severe stress, depression, nutritional deficiencies, dhatu kshaya (depletion of body elements) oja kshaya (depletion of inner energy), imbalance in tridoshas and finally illness and decreased life span. Hence to safe guard ourselves, Rasayana chikitsa is a must to build up and nourish the dhatus, ojas, re-establish the imbalanced tridoshas, prevent ageing and increases longevity and vitality of a person.

Types of Rasayana

According to Ayurveda, classic rasayana has been classified as follows: –

  1. Dravya and adravya
  2. Geriatrics and Disease specific
  3. Kamya, Naimittik & Ajasrik
  4. Vardhaman rasayana
  5. Kutipraveshik & Vatatapik
  6. Aachar rasayan

Practically speaking, we can follow the Naimittika Rasayana as per our convenience. Naimittika Rasayan is given in specific diseases. Here are few diseases where Naimittika rasayana can be practised: –

  1. Respiratory Disorders – Vardhaman pippali rasayana (piper longum), amlaki (Emblica officinale), yashtimadhu (glycyrrhiza glabra) helps relieve the constricted air passage and increases the lung capacity.
  2. Nerve Disorders/Conditions – Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Ashwagandha and Mandukaparni helps in enhancing memory and intellect and curbs vata dosha.
  3. Digestive Disorders – Guggulu, haritaki, garlic, maricha (black pepper), ginger etc. herbs increase the digestive fire and resolve the digestive problems when consumed daily in small quantities as rasayana.
  4. Reproductive Disorders – Ashoka, shatavari, lodhra etc. herbs when taken as rasayana prevents miscarriage, menstrual problems, leucorrhoea, fibroids and promotes lactation and fertility in females. Ashwagandha, kapikacchu, shweta musli, shilajit helps n improves sperm motility, increases libido in men.
  5. Kidney Disorders – Gokshura, punarnava
  6. Skin Disorders – Sariva, khadira, Bhumyamalaki, manjistha, guduchi promotes blood purification and liver metabolism.
  7. Musculoskeletal Diseases – Shallaki (boswellia serrata), guggulu, rasna, eranda, prawal, shankha bhasma etc. reduces inflammation, stiffness. Rasayana nourishes and rejuvenates the musculoskeletal system.
  8. Excretory System – Triphala, kutaja, vidanga etc. which fights intestinal disturbances.
  9. Immuno Modulator – Swarna (gold), hiraka (diamond), abhraja, parad, shilajith, chyavanprash,amlak rasayana, Ashwagandha rasayan, jeerak rasayan, ajamamsa rasayan, brahm rasayan etc.

Rasayana is an important subject in Ayurveda. It is evident that our acharyas had given great emphasis on rasayana chikitsa as it is mentioned in charak samhita in the very first chapter. Now that we are aware of the secret behind longevity and healthy life of our ancestors who lived for over 100 plus years. Yes, you got it right! it’s the rasayan chikitsa which rejuvenates and improves the ojas giving better immunity and strength. It’s time for us to adopt rasayana chikitsa to ward of the ill effects of global warming and the adulterated food which lacks nutrition. Adopt Ayurveda for a healthy, disease free and peaceful life.

Written by Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni

Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni

Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni holds a degree in BAMS from BMK Ayurveda college Belgaum, with over 12 years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine. Apart from being a Consulting Doctor, she enjoys writing Ayurvedic Journals.


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