Ignite Your Inner Glow With Ayurveda


Crave to be your beautiful best? Well, it is simple and easy. Ayurveda and yogic practices have been the tried and tested and incessant source of inner energy and holistic restructuring or reordering of our inner well being. Beauty is not defined by external parameters. Beauty gets its roots from what you are within the visible frame of your external self. The secret of actual beauty, thus, lies in cultivating the inner energy also known as “Ojas”. A beautiful mind and a beautiful heart along with a healthy and contented you are the best combination for you to be at your beautiful best

Inner Energy or Ojas

In today’s fast paced, no-time kind of life, it is but natural to be stressed out due to excessive work pressures and least attention to a healthy routine. It thus, in a jiffy, takes away your natural dazzle and happiness leaving you sapped out and dull. However much you seek medical and cosmetic advice, the energy and happiness you desire refuses to return.

Our body holds certain reserves of energy which constitute the inner power or the inner glow i.e. the Ojas. This inner energy or ojas is an output of physical, mental and emotional well being. As emphasized in ayurveda, when there is a balance of all the doshas in the body, you are healthy. Any imbalance in their composition leads to loss of inner energy and health issues in the body. This inner glow is the force that drives the physical and mental energies in our body. We are blessed with an ideal balance of energies. How we utilize and replenish these energies depends completely on the way we think, act and live our lives. Our little acts of good or bad either substantiate or deplete these energies. It is therefore, very important that we understand the economics of cultivating this inner energy and replenish it from time to time.

Igniting the Inner Energy with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a way of life. Whatever be its status amongst the various streams of medicine, Ayurveda is the ancient and most harmless system of holistic healing and rejuvenation that exists. The benefits of incorporating Ayurveda in our lifestyle are extremely natural and advantageous. It is a source of energy for the body, mind and soul. Ayurveda suggests some easy tips to fuel the inner energy by making a few simple changes in your daily lifestyle.

  • Start your Day with Gratitude – What you seek is seeking you. So focus on what you are grateful for. It is good practice to write down the things which you feel grateful for. Greeting the new day with gratitude fills your mind and heart with positivity and ignites the inner glow.
  • Follow a Morning Ritual – Chalking out a morning ritual sets the tone for a new day. Planning your activities the previous night prepares you mentally to take on the upcoming challenges and handle them with ease and positivity. It instantly builds up the peace quotient. The morning ritual could include a light morning walk, spending time with nature, meditation, listening to soulful music or indulging in wholesome breakfast.
  • Set your Intentions – What you think will happen sooner or later. Hence it is essential to feel happy and satisfied with small things that life has to offer. The intentions you set for yourself are the key to fulfilling your dreams.
  • Learn to say YES – There are things we all want to do but may not be able to find time for. Opportunities don’t always announce their arrival. It is for us to step forward and pick up the hints and say yes to them. They might be the stepping stone to future happiness and satisfaction.
  • Follow your Heart – Always do what is right. Don’t judge others, drop the ego, have an open mind, love selflessly and keep your character strong.
  • Love and Nurture Yourself – It is extremely important to love oneself. Give time to your body as well as your mind. Take good care of your assets and nurture the aspects which need attention. Invest in YOU.

The energy which fuels your soul and body resides in you. This inner energy is the constant source of happiness and natural glow. Fuelling this inner energy is essential to maintain the balance of all forces and keep you happy and healthy all the time.

Written by Shilpa Kothe


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