How Ayurvedic Bhringraj Oil Can Reduce Hair Problems For Women?


BhringrajBhringraj oil is an ayurvedic oil with multifarious benefits. It is counted among the top remedies for various hair problems in men and women. Regular massage with Bhringraj oil helps in increasing the texture and volume of hair. It also enhances the glow of skin, eliminates common skin problems for women. According to a study published in 2009, this oil was proved to stimulate hair growth in mice. While more research is required to make its benefits on hair problems more evident among the professional hair specialists, it certainly holds a prestigious status as a traditional remedy for hair ailments in women.

What Is Bhringraj Oil?

Bhringraj oil is extracted from the eponymous herb Bhringraj, botanically known as Eclipta Alba. It has been clinically proven to have wonderful effects on healing multiple hair problems. The sort of Bhringraj oil you can purchase from the market is made by mixing the herb extract with one or more essential oils like coconut or sesame oil. This amazing hair tonic has the ability to penetrate into the deeper parts of your scalp and hair follicles. It has been traditionally used in many South Asian countries to treat grey hair and promote hair growth. This medicinal herb is a native to India, Brazil and Thailand.

Benefits Of Bhringraj Oil

The principal benefit of Bhringraj oil is its power to heal premature hair loss, hair graying, scalp inflammation. Massaging the hair strands thoroughly with slightly warmed oil before bedtime restores the texture and colour of your hair.

Bid Adieu To Graying

There are a lot of women out there who proudly show off their silver hair, afterall it is an external sign of your maturity. For those who are taken aback at the thought of graying at the age of 30, premature graying can be extremely depressing. Erratic lifestyle is one of the chief causes of untimely loss of hair pigment. Apart from that, stresses, pollution, excessive use of hair dryer also play a big role behind this. Among the physiological factors, genetic disorder, hypothyroidism, liver disease, anemia, nutritional deficiency are noteworthy. Consistent use of Bhringraj oil can curb the severity of the problem to a great extent. It boosts the hair pigmentation and rejuvenates the damaged hair follicles. To get the optimum result, you have to improve your lifestyle, quit smoking and drinking and opt for a healthy diet.

Heal Hair Loss

Persistent use of Bhringraj oil for massage helps maintaining the dynamic cycle of hair growth. Most women start facing hair loss in their 50’s, some even before that. The most common cause leading to alopecia areta or spot baldness is hormonal problem. It can occur during the onset of menopause. Hormone levels are also impacted by pregnancy, problem in the thyroid gland. Hormonal changes affect the hair follicles and triggers sudden hair loss. Women who have undergone radiation therapy or use hair styling products frequently also notice hair loss. Ayurvedia practitioners recommend Bhringraj oil to nourish the scalp. Since it’s a pure organic oil, you can use it on a daily basis without facing any side effects. Take a few drops of this oil on your palm, rub it gently on the scalp. It may take days to unleash the results, but the ultimate outcome will be long lasting.

Promote Hair Growth

Bhringraj oil is an all-in-one hair tonic. Gently massage your scalp with this 4-5 tsp. of oil to increase the blood circulation in the scalp and revitalize the dull hair follicles. Massage in circular motion. It has a nice, subtle fragrance and cooling properties which also help you to have a sound sleep, heal headache and reduce stress. If used properly, this magic hair potion can accelerate the growth of your hair effectively. It strengthens your hair from root and adds luster to it. In addition, it also helps eliminating dandruff, making your hair appear healthy and shiny as ever.

Ways To Use Bhringraj Oil

This greenish hued, sweet smelling oil is mild enough for daily use. This oil is available in the local stores in both pure and blended form. The most effective way to reap the benefits from this oil is to blend it with another essential oil before massaging. You can also prepare Bhringraj oil on your own at home with Bhringraj powder. For this, add 2 tsp. of Bhringraj powder to shikakai, sesame or coconut oil. Bhringraj leaves possess the same properties as the oil. Just take 3-4 fresh leaves, crush them to make a fine paste and apply it directly on the scalp. Let it dry for half an hour. Then wash it off with a mild Ayurvedic shampoo.
Bhringraj tonic can be consumed to orally to curb alopecia in both men and women. This tonic fosters the hair follicles and improves the blood circulation in the scalp. Therefore it is an effective aid for reducing scalp irritation or inflammation. Women should start taking 1 tbsp. of this tonic in their post-menopausal phase in order to graying and weakening of hair. In Ayurvedic literature, Bhringraj has been called the king of hair loss treatments. Apart from Bhringraj leaves, the paste of the bark of Bhringraj tree ( Lodhra Chaal) is used as a natural hair dye. It effectively stops the discolouration of hair, restores the lost charm of it and its therapeutic qualities help you feel relaxed.

Written by Momita Ray


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