Holy Basil (Tulsi) – The scared Indian Herb that Harmonizes Your Mind, Body and Soul


Tulsi HerbThe herb that is most common in Indian life for thousands of years is “Holy Basil” most commonly and well known as Tulsi. This is the herb that is used to treat cough and cold in most households. This plant has got anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities. Stress reduction is one of the most important property that one gets from this plant and it also increases immunity of the body. The plant has got an immense quality to adapt itself to the nature of the body and bring the consoling betterment according to the ailment.

The Ancient Herb Tulsi

The Basil is called Tulsi in the land of Ayurveda and it is often worshipped as the incarnation of Lakshmi. This shows that Tulsi has got a lot of respect in the Hindu religion. This plant is also known as the Mother medicine of nature. This herb was found in and around India for about 3000 years and it is also thought as an important herb by Greek and Roman people. The Basil or Tulsi is considered good for mind and body too. This plant is also good for your soul as it keeps the soul happy.

Properties of the Basil

Basil leaves are often mentioned as adaptogen as it is gaining prominence in the Western world. The basil is a stress buster and it adapts to work for the body where it is most needed. There are other benefits like it possesses anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties too. The anti-inflammatory properties help the humans and the anti-fungal sides of this plant also works wonders. These properties help in reduction of stress and increase of immunity. The disease preventive measures are taken care of by them when you take these leaves or juice regularly.

Sacred Basil and Hindu culture

This sacred plant lives up to the status that the Hindus of India place up on it. There are a whole range of health benefits and more over the psycho-spiritual well-being can give a new life to many – who need such support. This plant is found in different houses and in front of temples of the Hindu gods and goddesses. This is because it is considered to be holy and often named as the “Mother Medicine from Nature” or the Elixir of Life. This elite adaptogen restores balance of the mind and body and awakens spirit that is often bogged down due to different pressure of day to day life.

Health conditions that are helped by Basil

The antioxidant is used to keep away a number of sicknesses like common cold, fever, digestive ailments and bronchitis. This is known to treat ulcers too. It has got a restorative aftermath on the nerves and the other related organs. This herb is often used to circulate the stress hormones and keep the body in a balanced state. Some regions have this ritual of taking basil tea to keep in best of health. These leaves are not addictive and so one can take the tea and bring on the effects of a better and peaceful life style with its prophylactic nature.

Balancing of the Electromagnetic Fields

The Tulsi plant was a personal favorite of yogis and seekers of heightened spirituality for its effects on the nervous system. This herb has a bio-energetic harmonizing effect on the field where it is planted. This means the plant helps to restore balance of the electromagnetic field that is actually generated by the human mind and body. These effects are being recognized by the researchers who are trying to find more about the health of human beings. This also balances the chakras or the energy center that is found in the human body. These are actually nerve pathways where the power of nerves concentrates. When these nerve pathways are healthy and balanced, they create a better human health.

Your own Basil Care

You can prepare your own holy basil tea by taking a few leaves and boiling them in a cup of water. Let it steep for 3 – 4 minutes and then strain the leaves to get your tea. You can drink this in the morning to get best results. You can also chew a few leaves after cleaning them properly. This is the best stress relief that you can get without any side effects. You can also get basil in form of capsules and your physician will let you know about the right dosage that is good for you.

Healing with care for Mind, Body and Spirit

You will find that this herb has got quality and purity that is needed for a better lifestyle. Modern world has got its share of stress and you have to take a lot of it to become successful. You can take this organic Holy Basil leaves to enhance the mental, spiritual and physical health. Stress can affect digestive system and the nervous systems too. The actual cause of tension and stress must be found to get it healed and the immunity, digestive system and nervous system is healed with the basil juice. It helps in combating the damaging effects of the fast life and also helps in preventing the negative effects to win. Basil in any form will strengthen your body and mind to take up the challenges of today’s life.

Written by Momita Ray


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