Ginger – Brew It or Dry It


GingerGinger is identified as the highly effective Ayurvedic medicine. In fact, people believe that it is best to eat ginger before and after the intake of food to improve the process of digestion. Ginger is the perfect remedy to enhance digestion in humans. It helps in effective digestion and the same is even known to enhance appetite. There is improvement in the process of assimilation and transportation of the nutrients and in the process the body tissues are rightly targeted. This Ayurvedic solution helps in clearing the micro-circulatory channels in humans. However, it is best not to have ginger in case you have problems of vertigo or you are suffering from chronic skin diseases.

The Ayurvedic Qualities of Ginger

Traditional Ayurvedic sources speak elaborately about the usefulness and effectiveness of ginger in the treatment of joint pains. It is known as the therapeutic solution which can help in improving the movements of the joints. It is an ideal Ayurvedic solution you can have for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, this is the remedy you can have to stay active and have the right physiological condition. Ginger also acts as a solution to airsickness. It also allows nutrients to be better absorbed by the body and allowing proper elimination of bodily wastes.
It is beneficial if you can eat ginger in the raw form. For this you have to make slices of ginger and chew on it. You can even dip the ginger slices in salt water and add lime juice to the same. You should drink this solution before taking meal. In case you feel that you cannot eat ginger in the raw form and that you feel disturbed with the pungent taste of the same then you can add slices of ginger to the curry and enjoy the benefits of this Ayurvedic ingredient.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

It is essential for you to know that ginger tea is good for health. To the tea you can even add peppermint or honey and this can help in concealing the pungent smell of the stuff. It is highly beneficial to have ginger tea especially in the monsoon season. During the monsoon time it is common to feel nauseated. Drinking ginger tea can help in relieving the condition. The tea is right to help in eliminating conditions of motion sickness and the vomiting associated with the same.
During monsoon the Agni or the digestive fire of your stomach is low and not usually working to its optimal levels. This is when ginger tea can help. It helps in improving the performance of the stomach and this is the right ingredient to help in improving the process of digestion. In case you have eaten too much, drinking ginger tea will prevent you from the feeling of bloating. Ginger tea is also the right brew to heal muscle and joint problems. Ginger tea not only relives joint inflammation it is also the perfect tea to have to fight against the respiratory problems. In case you have congestion due to common cold ginger tea will help in relieving the condition at the earliest.

The Magic of Dry Ginger

There are many tried, tested and trusted benefits of using dry ginger or ginger powder. In this case fresh ginger is dried in the sun and completely dehydrated before usage. This looks like the fine off-white flakes which, is then powdered and comes with a sort of strong smell. It is easy to store dry ginger. You can use the dried form of the ginger in cooking or in home remedies to treat various ailments especially cold and cough.
The dry ginger can be used to flavour the ginger breads. Dry ginger is the best ingredient to be used to make foods for the expecting mothers and even for the lactating females. You can even make use of dried ginger in treating the skin related problem especially on the face. For this you have to make a solution of ginger powder, water, rosemary or lavender oil. Make sure to store the solution in a cool place and use the same to make the face feel refreshed.

Benefits of ginger are many and because of this it is widely used throughout India and various other parts of the world, especially during the rainy seasons to treat common ailments.

Written by Momita Ray


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