Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) – Ayurvedic Rasayana for Head to Foot Health in Holistic Healing


Bhringraj-CollageCommonly known as the False daisy or Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), this plant with beautiful white florets is an amazing wonder herb. Ayurveda explains it as rasayana, which means that it has the ability to destroy old age and disease through the conservation, transformation and revitalization of energy.

It is specially grown in marshy places and is known for its innumerable benefits. According to Ayurveda, its pungent and bitter taste balances the kapha dosha, and the heat content balances the Vata.
It is well known for its anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties and is therefore recommended for children, because if it is consumed from an early age, it keeps them away from many diseases even later in life.

If we start looking at the benefits it offers, we will be amazed because it has treatments for our whole body starting from head to toe.

Medicinal Benefits of Bhringraj

An Excellent Remedy For Hair Loss and Greying Of Hair
Bhringraj is an excellent treatment for hair loss and premature greying of hair. That is why it is commonly used in hair oils and shampoos. But if you do not want to buy the products you can even prepare your own oil at home. Simply grind the Bhringraj leaves without water and heat the paste in coconut oil till it changes its colour from transparent to green. Use this oil regularly and notice the difference in your hair.

Treats Anaemia
This herb is an amazing tonic for people suffering from Anaemia due to its high iron content. The leaves can be simply fried in salt and pepper, otherwise it can also be consumed by adding them to lentils while cooking, or can even be stuffed in chappatis.

Liver Tonic
Liver is one of the most important organs for a healthy body, but sadly, liver-related problems are increasingly affecting each one of us due to the junk food that we consume. Bhringraj is proved to be very effective to treat disorders related to the liver.
So try to include the leaves regularly in your diet to stay away from these problems.

Cures Cough and Cold
Common cough and cold can also be cured with the help of this herb. Simply boil the leaves in water and consume the water with some honey to soothe your throat.

Heals Skin Disorders
Bhringraj helps to treat many skin allergies and even cracked heels. A simple application of the fresh juice of the plant helps to fight with these skin disorders.

Anti-Aging Effects
This plant is known to do wonders for the skin and is known for its anti-aging effects. So consume this herb for looking younger.

Fights Urinary Tract Infections and Kidney Rejuvenation
Bhringraj is known to cure urinary tract infections, relieve the burning sensation while passing urine and it also rejuvenates the kidney thus flushing out the toxins.

Controls Miscarriages and Post-Delivery Pain
The leaves of this herb are very useful in preventing repeated miscarriages and it also relieves post-delivery pain in women. It is also known to reduce uterine bleeding.

Rejuvenates The Body and Senses
Bhringraj is known to give a rejuvenating effect to the body and it also improves the memory, eyesight apart from making teeth and bones stronger.

Effective for Toothache and Headache
The oil obtained from this plant is very effective for treating headaches and even toothaches.

Relieves Haemorrhoidal Pain
Fumigation with Bhringraj leaves is believed to reduce the pain of haemorrhoids or piles.

Looking at the above benefits of Bhringraj, we come to know that it is actually a holistic healing plant and has the treatment for almost everything from head to foot. So why not have this little plant at your home to enhance the beauty and increase the medicinal value of your garden as well?
Planting and maintaining a Bhringraj plant is not at all a difficult task. It can be grown in any type of soil and all it needs is good amount of moisture and some natural manure. So bring this home to rejuvenate your garden and your body too!

Written by Afshan Rizvi

Afshan Rizvi

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