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Other Names Of Sandpushpa

Sandpuspa is an evergreen small shrub which can be found commonly grown throughout varied land of India. Its Botanical name is Cantharanthus Roseus. Formerly, it was known as Vinca rosea or Lochnera rosea, it belongs to Apocynaceae family. The shrub is commonly known as sandpushpa or Sadabhar which means “the one who is always blooming”. It is also known with various other names in local languages like as Nayantara in Bengali, as Sadaphool in Marathi, as Ratanjot in Punjabi, as Ushamalari in Malyalam and Madagascar Periwinkle in English. It is known to be compatible with almost any kind of weather, it rejoices sun, rain and even can be found near sea side vegetation’s.

What is Sandpushpa And Where It Is Found?

The Sandpushpa herb grows to about 3 feet in height and consist of glossy leaves, oval to oblong in shape, arranged in opposite pairs and it flowers throughout the year. This medicinal herb has white and the pink flowers with a dark pink eye in the center. The flowers usually have five petals like lobes in it. It is a native plant of southeastern and eastern Madagascar and grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Sandpushpa is also famous as ornamental plant because of its colorful flowers which is found in gardens and homes across the warmer parts of the world.

The Sandpuspa is an important medicinal plant of the family Apocynaceae whose medicinal value has been proved and employed fromthe vedic period. It is known as an “an anticancerous drug yielding plant” and contains a virtual cornucopia of useful alkaloids which is used in treating diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, constipation, menstrual problems and cancer. It consist of many chemical components which contributes to its medicinal value, few of the important chemical components are ajmalicine, reserpine, serpentine, catharanthaine, lochnerin, lochnericine, vincristine, vinblastine, vinorelbine, vindesine, vincamine and vinorelbine.Vincristine and Vinblastine are the most important substances extracted from this herb which is used for treating cases of lymphomas and leukemia and few types of tumors and cancers.

General Health Benefits Of Sandpushpa
  • Anti–Cancer: The stem and leaf of Vinca rosea has anticancer alkaloids Vinblastine and Vincristine .These alkaloids have shown inhibition effects on growth of some tumors.Extracts of the plant have demonstrated significant anticancer properties against a number of different cell types.Vinblastine is used for treatment of neoplasmas and is recommended for Hodgkins disease and chorio carcinoma whereas Vincristine another important alkaloids is used in treatment for leukemia in children. Vinblastine is sold as Velbanor and Vincristine as oncovin
  • Anti–Diabetic: Vinca Rosea is been used to avail the hypoglycemic effect as they can improve the condition of Diabetic mellitus and can be used as an effective medicine for diabetics. The Hypo glycemic effects is shown in diabetic patients due to the result of the increase glucose utilization in the liver. The fresh leaves of herbs can also be incorporated in food preparations for diabetic patients
  • Anti-ulcer property: Vincamine and Vindoline alkaloids found in the plant has also shown anti-ulcer property
  • Hypertension: The Vinica Roseais useful in management of hypertension, it has shown an ability to reduce blood pressure. The extract of plant leaves is very beneficial in order to lower the B.P
  • Brain Enhancer: Vinca Rosea helps to raise the levels of serotonin and the blood neurotransmitter in the brain. In the central nervous system,Serotonins plays a important role in memory, sleep, appetite, heart function, muscle control and deficiencies of serotonin are likely to cause migraine, schizophrenia and phobias
  • Anti-bacterial: The leaves of Vinca Rosea helps in countering the bacterial activities for microorganisms like Pseudomonas, salmonella, etc. It has shown the higher efficacy against bacterial activity and thus could be used as the prophylactic agent in the treatment of many of the diseases and infections
  • Wasp Stings: Vinca Rosea is a popular remedy for wasp stings, insect bites and wounds. External application of leaves paste on the affected area treats the problem well. It can also be used for treating wounds and to stop the bleeding very effectively. Its antibacterial and antivenom qualities help in healing the wound much faster

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