Ayurvedic Diet For Children In Summer


Summer-DietSummer can give you an intolerable heat that makes children annoying and very easily irritable. You must therefore be careful with the diet you choose for your children in the hot season as they easily experience digestion problems along with the above mentioned issues. Summer vacations for children can make them happy, but comes with a number of side effects. Some of the common side effects include dehydration, headache, lack of stamina, increase in skin tans, heat exhaustion and sunburn.
Hence, in order to fight overheat and the summer climate, it is highly advisable to give your children a healthy diet. When it comes to a healthy diet, Ayurveda is one of the best choices one can rely on. So, in order to beat the heat, here are some of the best Ayurvedic recipes that you can feed your children. These recipes prove to be both healthy and tasty.

Ayurvedic Diet for Children

In order to tackle the above mentioned problems, it is highly recommended to intake diet that is Ayurvedic in nature. It is a known fact that Ayurvedic products and diet are the best way to fight any health related problems in a safe manner. Some of the diet tips that you can follow for your children during summer are as follows:

  • The ingredients that are better for summer are yoghurt, olive oil, sunflower oil, turmeric, coriander, clove, cardamom, dry fruits and cool vegetables.
  • Make sure that your kid stays hydrated throughout the day. Avoid drinking cold refrigerated water and inculcate the practice in your children to drink warm water. It can do wonders and aids in the proper digestion process. By adding cumin seeds in warm water, body becomes free of toxins and cleanses blood.
  • Make it a habit to give your children buttermilk mixed with fenugreek seeds. Mix the fenugreek seeds with buttermilk and leave it undisturbed overnight. The next day morning, guide your children to have this buttermilk. Fenugreek seeds are the best cooling Ayurvedic ingredient for summer. Your children can also apply fenugreek powder to their hair while bathing. It gives cooling effect to the whole body.
  • Another important diet practice suggested by Ayurveda is the practice of drinking tender coconut water. It keeps your child’s body hydrated and removes any toxins present. For 100 gm. of tender coconut, the caloric value is 17.4 gm. Their cooling effects safeguard your children from rashes, small pox and heat bubbles that are frequently experienced in the summer.

Summer and Pitta

Pitta is the governing factor for all your metabolic transformations happening in your child’s body because of the heat. It acts as an important aspect for the digestive system. If pitta is balanced, it means that your child is leading a healthy life. However, there are a number of chances that your children can suffer from an imbalance of pitta during summer. As a parent, your primary focus should be to keep your children’s pitta in control.
A non-balanced pitta could have the following side effect in your little one’s body. Out of balance pitta sign include blurring of vision, heavy inflow of toxins, acidity, skin rashes and acne, etc. You should avoid foods that cause pitta dosha to aggravate easily. Some of the foods that fall under this category are sour apples, radishes, chilies, spices and other fermented foods.

Ayurvedic Way of Cooking

You can also follow the Ayurvedic style of cooking for your children. According to Ayurveda, your body is governed by Vatta, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Hence, one must try balancing the doshas in your children by giving them a dosha pacifying diet and prepare food according to the season. These Ayurvedic health tips can give your child a cool and comfortable summer season, where they can enjoy without falling ill or feeling irritable. Happy Summer!

Written by Momita Ray


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