A Unique Approach To Kapha-Related Weight Gain: Enhancing The Fire Elements


kapha and weight gainAyurveda recommends and stresses on an integrated approach to weight management. The focus is on discovering the cause of the individual’s health need, and based on that study, offering an exclusive treatment that includes diet and herbal elements. It is a very safe and natural approach that is different from the usual system of prescribing the same conventional methods to everybody in common just to fix a specific health problem.
According to Ayurveda, weight imbalance is linked to three main causes which are kapha, pitta and vata. Below is a detailed explanation on kapha-related weight imbalance and ways to manage it.

Kapha-Related Weight Imbalance

the primary and most frequent type of weight gain is caused due to reduction in metabolism rate. People with kapha dosha predominantly portray qualities of earth and water elements and so generally have a big structure and personality.
In such a case, it is a good idea to revive your metabolism by following a diet that is natural and helps you shed off excess weight and reach your ideal weight in a safe manner. Look healthier and feel better.

Balancing Kapha Dosha through Diet

add some elements into your food and lifestyle and this definitely helps in balancing the elements of earth and water that cause kapha dosha.
Adding seasonal vegetables and soups with spices like black pepper and turmeric to your diet proves to be highly beneficial in helping your metabolism function well. It is proven that turmeric is good for digestion, reduces cholesterol and burns fat. Always remember to cook your vegetables and eat them warm. Drinking boiled and warm water, also is an added benefit, this enhances the digestive fire, helps it function well and makes you feel energetic throughout the day.
Stay away from heavy and fattening foods to balance kapha and your weight.

Lifestyle Tips for Balancing Kapha

the most important step that you need to take and do a daily basis is to enhance your metabolism and that would be a daily exercise or fitness regime. A person suffering from kapha dosha normally feels lazy about doing anything and really needs to make an effort to feel motivated and geared up every single day. Such a person needs to follow a vigorous workout schedule.
Breathing exercise is the easiest and best option to begin with to improve metabolism. When kapha dosha goes beyond control, the person automatically stops breathing deeply. In such a case if kapha dosha takes over and breathing also becomes slow, the outlets in the body’s system get blocked and adds to depression and gloominess apart from feeling unhealthy. When you begin to breathe deeply, the metabolism automatically gets activated.
It has been observed that it is good for people with kapha dosha to have their main meal of the day during noon as the meal gets easily digested during that time because of the peak activity in your internal digestive system.
The best and ideal breakfast recommended for people with kapha dosha and to balance metabolism is a cooked apple or pear coupled with cooked prunes and figs. A couple of other food items recommended are vegetable soup, dhal, black pepper, and turmeric.
So if kapha dosha is responsible for your weight gain, take immediate steps to correct it. Taking care to eat well and get into a fitness routine is all you need to get your body’s metabolism activated to it’s maximum potential.

Written by Nanditha Ranganath


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