7 Yoga Poses For Women To Strengthen Body


Yoga poses that help the body stay in the perfect working pose. This way you can be in the best of active state in life and stay fit to carry your daily chores without many health issues. Yoga is just the right solution for women. Once you complete the yoga routine you would feel active and energetic. The stretching that comes with doing yoga pose makes the various parts of the body feel perfectly relaxed. It is the right way you can tone your muscles and this will help you have the flexibility to perform various tasks in life.

  • Boat Pose – You can start with the boat pose and this is known as Paripurna Navasana. This is the abs and the deep hip flexor to help you have the best strengthening of the limbs and the muscles. This is the pose you require to have a perfect balancing on the tripod mainly of the sitting bones and the tail-bone. The pose is really workable. First you have to sit on the floor and then lay the legs straight before you. You should exhale right and cause bending of the knees. It is also important that you stretch your arms on both sides of the legs. It is vital that you make the lower belly firm while practising the pose. You should stay in the pose for ten to twenty seconds and the time should be increased gradually.
  • Dolphin Plank Pose – For that exact gain in strength the women can practice the dolphin plank pose. This is a modified version of the plank pose and it helps in strengthening and toning the core and even deals with the arms and the thighs. You should start the pose with the knees bent. Then it is time that you press the inner forearms and put the elbows firmly on the floor. Then you should press the front of the thighs towards the direction of the ceiling. You should maintain the pose for thirty minutes and gradually you can feel the strength increasing.
  • Extended Side Angle Pose – If you want better strength you can take to the extended side angle pose. The other name for this is Utthita Parsvakonasana. For this you have to find the length along the side of the body and it should extend from the heel to the fingertips. The stretching is sure to help you feel the best when practising the pose. In fact, all parts of the body are touched while practising the asana.
  • Featured Peacock Pose – You have the innovative featured peacock pose. You can call this the Pincha Mayurasana. In this case you have to balance the entire body on the elbows. This is the modified form of the Adho Muhka Svanasana. You have to do the yoga with the palms and the forearms just against the floor. You should keep the fingertips straight in this case. This is the perfect yoga for balancing the entire body weight. It helps you gain the perfect strength and you feel so light and confident. It is just that your body should have the flexibility to help stay in the pose for long hours.
  • Four-Limbed Staff Pose – For better body strength you have the four-limbed staff pose. This pose is better known as Chaturanga Dandasana. This is a frequently practised pose and it is part of the conventional Sun Salutation sequence. In this case equal pressure is given on both the hands and the legs. You lie straight balancing the body on the palms and the toes should be facing the ground. The pose is extremely beneficial especially for the female athletes and in the way you can strengthen your mind and body.
  • Locust Pose – You have the locust pose and this is usually called the Salabhasana. It is the right yoga pose for the beginners and it is ideal for the deeper back bends. The specific yoga helps in strengthening the back part of the body and it even provides the best of support to the legs and the torso. In the arms too are better strengthened and you feel so great with the movement.
  • Warrior Poses – There are various types of Warrior Poses. The pose in specific is known as Virabhadrasana. For the same you have to learn the basics of the pose. In the way your body will get the perfect physical posture and you start feeling the strength inside. The pose is an innovation for the women and it makes you feel so light and flexible.

If women practise these yoga poses regularly it would help them becoming strong in the process. There is increased flexibility and this makes you get through the day without feeling exhausted. Yoga intensifies the working of the muscles and it is the right ways you can make the body feel the strength within. However, it is important that you practice the pose regularly to help the strength rise within.

Written by Momita Ray


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