7 Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Skin From Dryness This Winter


Dry Skin WinterThe onset of winters! The feeling itself brings along with it the joy of freshness, festivity, the chilling wind and a cozy snug inside your warm blanket accompanied by a warm cup of coffee!
But along with all these, it also brings some changes, which affect our skin, which becomes a matter of concern, if not attended well. During this season, when it becomes very cold, there is less moisture in the environment, and sadly our skin does not secrete enough oil, which brings down the hydration levels of our skin, thus making it itchy and dry. This is not only applicable in case of dry skin types, it affects the oily and combination skin as well.

SEVEN Tips to Prevent your Skin from Dryness this Winter.

  1. Have a Quick Bath
    Dermatologists suggest that if you spend too much time in your bath, it washes off your naturals oils. So even if you like warm showers, just keep it limited to 10 minutes, and the water should preferably be lukewarm and not too hot. Use moisture rich soaps and after gently patting your skin dry, apply your moisturizer while the skin is slightly damp.
  2. Moisturize Well According to Your Skin Type
    A proper moisturizing routine is most important since; it is commonly assumed that, only dry skin needs to be moisturized. However, all skin types need to be taken care of equally but with slight changes. If you have a dry skin, use a moisturizer, which contains safflower oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil. While if your skin is oily or acne-prone, use a water-based moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Moisturize on Time
    Providing moisture to your skin at the right time is very important. So seal in the moisturizer within the one-minute window after washing your skin while it is still damp. This will seal in the moisture and prevent dehydration because when the skin is damp, the cold and dry air surrounding you tries to draw water from there; so seal in the moisture before it evaporates.
  4. Keep your Gloves on to Trap the Moisture In
    Try to cover your skin properly soon after moisturizing, because you can trap the moisture of the lotions if the skin is properly covered and it doesn’t come into contact directly with the outside wind. So don’t forget to slip on your socks and gloves after you apply the moisturizer and keep it on at least for an hour.
  5. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen
    Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your sunscreen lotion in winters, just because you can’t see the Sun. It is already there to affect your skin as it does in summers. So apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving the house.
  6. Take Care of Your Hair, Lips and Heels
    Don’t neglect your hair during this season, and apply warm coconut oil on your scalp and hair ends. Wrap it in a hot towel for some time and then wash it the next morning with a mild shampoo. This will keep your hair soft and shiny and prevent it from becoming rough and frizzy because of the cold.
    Coming to your dry and flaky lips in this chill, just take care not to lick them repeatedly with your saliva because the digestive enzymes present in the saliva break down the skin, which ultimately leads them to crack. Simply use a lip balm that suits you.
    Your heels are also one of those sensitive areas that get affected in winters. So soak them in warm water at night for 10 minutes. Scrub them a little, pat it dry gently and then apply petroleum jelly and cover it with cotton socks.
  7. Include Lots of Fluids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids In Your Diet
    Omega-3 Fats contain the good fat that your body needs and it is well known for its ability to keep our skin well hydrated and supple. So include lots of salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds in your diet during this season to keep your skin well hydrated and soft. Do not forget to sip on water and fresh juices to stay hydrated from within. This is what we neglect in winters, but we forget that our body needs sufficient water to keep our skin well nourished.

Winters and Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, do not use oil-based moisturizers. Water or gel based moisturizers enriched with Vitamin E are the best for this skin type.
So make sure that you moisturize your skin after every face wash to keep the oils balanced renew the lost moisture on your skin. By following this regime, you can control excess oil, and protect your skin at the same time. So all you need is to use a correct, oil-free moisturizer regularly, even in winters.
Dermatologists also suggest using warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil, which maintains the moisture, and helps keep the skin much softer and supple.

Winters and Combination Skin

During winters, people with combination skin get more dry patches in the t-zone area on the face (the forehead and the vertical area of the nose downwards.) So in winters you should switch to a gentle and nourishing cleanser, and a light moisturizer during the day and night as well.

Enjoy this lovely season and try to follow a good regime for your skin care, which includes a good diet and the simple rules of keeping yourself well hydrated to keep your skin supple and hydrated and prevent it from dryness this winter.
Happy Winters!

Written by Afshan Rizvi

Afshan Rizvi

Afshan Rizvi is a Post graduate in Commerce, and has an experience in the field of editing magazines and journals related to Health, Business Management and Finance. She has written articles and columns for newspapers and also has an affinity towards reading, music and cooking.


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