6 Ayurvedic Remedies For Healthy Hair


Pampering the hair with the right Ayurvedic ingredients is the best way to get your hair looking lustrous and healthy especially when they tend to get lanky and lifeless being constantly exposed to dust, pollution, and harsh chemical hair colours. This is the safest way you can take care of the hair and make it grow long and natural. You have some amazing Ayurvedic herbs that can do wonders to your hair. With the right mix of these herbs amla, rosemary, fenugreek and neem with oil when applied on the hair can really help your hair and make you feel amazing. The hair gets rightly nourished and you can really feel the hair becoming smooth and glossy.

Fenugreek Seed for the Hair

You can make the best use of the fenugreek seeds. This is also called methi. First, you have to boil the seeds. Once boiled strain the solution to be applied on the hair. This is the right component to take care of the brittle hair and the solution will also avoid the strands from becoming weak. This remedy can even change and darken the colour of the hair. Fenugreek can even make the hair look so shiney. It adds that reflective coating and this makes the hair appear silky and bouncy. The seed is effective in making the hair look vibrant and healthy. The same comes with the anti-aging properties and this is the right cure for split ends. In case the hair becomes dull you can make the best use of the fenugreek seeds to enliven the hair.

Amla the Good Old Herb

Indian Gooseberry is yet another great solution for the hair. This is known as amla in the common terms. Amla oil comes with all antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It can even prevent fungal infection on the scalp from spreading. Rather than using apple cider vinegar one can make use of amla oil. A good oil massage for hair and scalp helps the oil penetrate within the scalp and helps in removal of the excess dirt. The same can be used as styling product for the hair. Amla hair oil prevents hair fall, and is a great hair vitalizer, especially when your hair gets excessively dry during the summer season.

Neem the Hair Healer

Crushed and strained neem leave extract can be good for the hair. It can be also used for making your own Ayurvedic oil. Neem promotes the ideal hair growth and it provides moisture to the curly unruly hair. Neem has been an Ayurvedic solution for years and this is the right care you can have for the hair. Neem comes with the right content of Vitamin C and this is known to enhance the natural lustre of the hair. Neem is a good solution for the hair to be used on regular basis. It helps in sealing the cuticles and which, in turn helps in retaining the healthy condition of the hair.

Rosemary Oil can make a Difference

Explore the world of Ayurveda and you learn about the goodness of rosemary oil. This is the right ingredient for the thirsty and dry hair and it helps in improving the texture of the same. The oil enhances the health of the hair and causes natural stimulation of the hair follicles. The rosemary oil is used widely in shampoos and you can even consider the same as the ideal topical application for men with baldness. You can warm the oil and regularly on the bald portion. Leave the oil for some minutes to allow the oil penetrate deep within the hair follicles. If you are suffering from dermatitis or eczema you can make the best use of the oil in time.

Bhringraj Oil is the Remedy

Bhringraj Oil is the best remedy you can have for your hair. In Ayurveda this herb is considered as Rasayana and it signifies the curing of the aged dullness of the hair. Women consider Bhringraj as the kind of temple balm recipe. The natural and the soothing effect of the herb will help in releasing the strained muscles and it is the best cure for the headaches and excruciating head pains. The oil regenerates the oil follicles and provides the best support to the hair when it has become dull due to age and stress.

Avuri Neeli Powder (Indigo)

Have you heard of the Avuri Powder required for maintaining the goodness of the hair. It acts as the ingredient for the herbal shampoos and this is the natural astringent you can have for the safe usage of the hair. The ingredient helps in maintaining the length of the hair and it is just the right choice in case you don’t feel comfortable with strong fragrance. The Avuri Powder helps in protecting the hair scalp and also acts to hold on to the natural oil content of the hair. This way the hair is prevented from becoming excessive dry.

There are many more ayurvedic solutions and home-made treatments to help the hair be in the best of condition. The best way to deal with damaged, dull and lifeless looking hair is by using natural time tested ayurvedic remedies that are safe to use.

Written by Momita Ray


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