5 Best Ayurvedic Hair Oils For Healthy Hair Growth This Winter


Oil-for-Winter-HairHair falls a lot in the winter season no matter where one is. However, it takes a lot of time for one’s hair to regrow unless and until one uses some of the best Ayurvedic oils for healthy hair growth. Here is a list of the 5 best Ayurvedic hair oils for healthy hair growth this winter.

Brahmi Hair Oil

Who doesn’t want hair that is lustrous, long, and healthy? Consider using Brahmi oil and see it work its magic on your hair. The goodness of this oil not only only helps the hair grow faster but also controls hair fall in the winter season. What’s more, it prevents the hair from split ends and becoming brittle. Besides, Brahmi oil helps rejuvenate the hair naturally and makes it possible for you to manage your hair better. So, why not use this hair oil to help your hair grow beautifully?

Rosemary Henna Hair Oil

It is every woman’s dream to have hair that is soft, shiny, and long. Now, you can use oil that contains a mix of rosemary and henna. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, rosemary helps prevent the inflammation of the scalp, which is the main cause of hair fall and Henna keeps the scalp cool by soothing it. Also, since Henna is good for the growth of the hair, you can be rest assured that your hair will grow by leaps and bounds when you use this hair oil. However, you must apply this hair oil regularly if you would like to see results.

Bhringraj Hair Oil

Experience the goodness of Bhringraj by getting yourself a bottle of Bhringraj oil. These natural ingredients promote the growth of the hair by nourishing the hair follicles. The moment you open the bottle, you would notice that the fragrance wafts throughout the air even though the oil is colourless. Not just that, it also prevents hair loss by combatting dandruff and other hair problems. So, you should consider using this hair oil in case you want hair that is lustrous and rich. Apply this oil regularly if you want to see quick results. However, make sure you do not apply this oil in combination with any other oil since it could otherwise result in hair fall.

Brahmi Amla Hair Oil

Right from your childhood, you have probably already been taught by your grandmother that a combination of Brahmi and Amla is extremely good for the hair. Besides, you may have also seen it in advertisements on the television in the early 90s. So, why not make the best use of the goodness of this combination for your hair? This hair oil not only helps the hair grow fast but also fights dandruff and leaves the hair manageable and soft. What’s more, it helps prevent the premature greying of hair and makes it shine with some extra gloss – without the use of any artificial ingredients. Also, it helps fight inflammation, which can result in dandruff and other problems. If you would like to enjoy quick results, you must apply the hair oil on your scalp on a regular basis.

Amlaki Gunja Hair Oil

The essences and goodness of herbs such as Amlaki and Gunja are what this Ayurvedic hair oil is made up of. Moreover, it also uses coconut and sesame oils that improve the quality of hair and help the hair grow long. Amlaki and Gunja can also help prevent split ends and thus, protect your hair from problems such as hair fall, etc. This hair oil not only nourishes the hair but also makes it strong. Also, your hair would look shiny and dark when you use this hair oil for your hair in the winter. So, make sure you apply this hair oil regularly on your scalp.

Ayurvedic hair oils may be good for the hair but it would be better not to use a combination of all these oils at the same time since it could have exactly the opposite effect of what you had actually desired on your hair. Also, you would need to be extremely patient while using one of these hair oils since your hair will not simply grow overnight by applying it on the scalp.

Written by Momita Ray


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